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Located in the heart of Milwaukee, Shah Jee’s is a popular downtown lunch spot that serves Pakistani food. The restaurant was founded in 1995 by founder and owner Azhar Shah, who created Shah Jee’s to bring “quality food for a low price.” Twenty-four years later, after local appraisals, expansions, and being graced with a visit from actor and television personality, Adam Richman, Shah Jee’s continues to serve their customers to the best of their ability.


As a family operation, the company creates each dish by scratch. Every day, when the sun rises, Shah Jee’s starts preparing their signature dishes by whipping out fresh authentic ingredients to garnish with their traditional spices. A lot happens in the kitchen, from soaking chickpeas to rice steaming to the art of cheesemaking. Shah Jee’s promises its customers a unique experience by letting them create their own masterpiece—when the clock strikes 11:00 AM, the cafeteria-style restaurant starts serving lunch with a variety of choices to suit the taste buds of each and every customer. Pick and choose to customize a plate to your liking and create a mouthful sensation like no other!


Shah Jee’s takes pride in the love bestowed upon the business. In honor of their long dedicated fans, they hope to open other locations around the city of Milwaukee to best serve their customers. Visit us today and experience it all for yourself! We await and welcome you with open arms.


From the Press


Milwaukee Business Journal

"The restaurant's covert location hasn't stopped it from accumulating a sizable customer base over the past 20-plus years. Everyday of the week at around noon, Shah Jee's commands a long line of Milwaukee office workers waiting patiently for lunch, which is made fresh everyday."


OnMilwaukee: Cheap Eats

"No matter what you order, you're getting your money's worth in terms of flavor. The chicken masala is always succulently juicy and tender, exploding with pleasantly warm spice, and the aalu palak is a delicious complement. Plus, when you've eaten all of the chicken pieces and potato chunks, there's often a delectable pools of the respective sauces they've been stewing in, so you just scoop your rice into there and soak up even more flavor."


Milwaukee Record

"Boasting no-frills, light, just-spicy-enough, and robustly flavorful Pakistani cuisine, there’s a reason for the long lines and repeat customers, and a reason we’re naming it the Best Pakistani Restaurant In The Basement Of A Downtown Office Building."

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